Marginalized Organic Producer's Association (MOPA)

Marginalized Organic Producer Association (MOPA) is a organization consisting with integrated producer societies established by marginalized producers and their employees, based on their geographical background.
Marginalized producers are the small farmers, and medium scale producers with less than 50 permanent employees, who undergoes difficulties in obtaining a justifiable price for their produce in the market,  without any middlemen involvement.
MOPA  flock & lead these small and medium scale farming communities in Sri Lanka with a genuine intent in bringing the marginalized producers and sophisticated end-users closer together, in order to contribute to the enhancement of natural process of organic production, while encouraging the sustainable development.

MOPA News and Events

Foods For Plants

Organic & Biodynamic compost preparation programme was conducted at Bogahakumbura estate on January 2012. The compost made under this initiation is result of compost to be used as field inputs to the tea and other cultivation.

Fairtrade Impact

A Drinking water project at Bogahakumbura estate was established in ..... 2012. This project was funded by the Fair Trade premium and extends its benefits to 41 families in and around the estate.

Using the Fair Trade premium, MOPA distributed Government approved school bags, shoes, text books and stationery items to school children of employees at Kapuwatte estate & Naula farm, on.... 2012. .

Training Calander

MOPA farmer training programme on Organic & Biodynamic Agriculture was held in Dambulla Training Center on 2012. 5 25 and 26farmers from all regions and15 producers participated in this one day training. .