Our Vision

Encouraging farmers to embrace organic and bio dynamic farming, to support discharging the micro nutrients back to the environment that are disappearing as an aftermath to the Green Revolution, and to obtain higher value for their produce in local and international markets, thereby uplifting  the socioeconomic standards of the producers and their employees.

Our Objectives

  • Providing required technical inputs & facilities for developing Organic & in-conversion farmlands of new members.
  • Providing required assistance & instructions for continuation and further development of organic & bio dynamic farming practices of the members.
  • Providing required financial aids equitably and  facilitating with required instructions for administering payment schemes on time, in view of uplifting  living standards of the members.
  • Pre - financing members to facilitate preserving the high quality standards of produce
  • Contributing to social, economical, educational and cultural aspects of the areas covered by the societies
  • Initiating and conducting programmes to protect natural environment
  • Functioning to secure the identities of each and every person without any discrimination due to  race, religion, caste, political, gender or any other differences.
  • Using the benefits of Fair Trade premium practically, for the socioeconomic development of the members and their employees

Our Goals

By year 2015 to successfully reach  all our stakeholders via:

  • being committed for producing premier quality products
  • offering equitable price for producers without middlemen involvement
  • increasing the range of new products and new markets

Our Path

  • Maximum utilization of the land resources while preserving the natural environment
  • Promoting organic and bio dynamic agriculture, enabling farmers to obtain a better prices for their – farm gate value added – produces
  • Ensuring quality service and sustainable development for all stakeholders involved in the supply chain.

Our Strengths 

  • Dedicated partnership with Bio Foods Pvt Ltd as processor & exporter
  • Quality accreditation -  Local & International
  • Extension and internal control systems
  • Sustainable markets lobbied for selling maximum production

Our Certifications

Our passion for quality help our end users to have superior quality natural product, keeping in accordance with the Fairtrade, EU, Demeter and many other quality standards.

  • Fair Trade Certification
  • Organic Certification
  • Demeter
  • Naturland
  • USDA/NOP – National Organic Programme
  • JAS