Be A Partner

MOPA takes initiatives to pave the way for willing donors, in extending financial support for potential projects generated within the communities and units that comes under the organization.

These projects are considered as opportunities for anyone who wish to make things better for less privileged in the developing parts of the world, and by doing so to imprint a long term social investment.

Prospective benefactors can take the ownership of these projects by granting total cost of the intended project, of which MOPA will take the complete responsibility in planning, administering, implementing and delivering the outcomes.

A Documentary will be provided with the end of each project, enabling donors to publish them on their own media portals and to use them for their social marketing purposes.

List of potential project opportunities are as below:

If you willing,.you can become a member of the below programmes/ part of a programme....For more details please contact us on...


Tele: ++94 8156630527

Contact person: Mr. Rasika Weerasooriya, Treasurer -MOPA